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Weight Management

Just who said the avocado is fattening?

For those wishing to lose weight or seeking to maintain an ideal weight, this fruit with its distinctive appearance, and luscious taste and texture is a must-have as a dietary inclusion. In fact, independent research, conducted in Australia* and South Africa**, indicates that avocados may indeed assist in encouraging weight loss when included in slimming diets.

Avocados also can help to lower cholesterol as they contain plant sterols which may reduce the absorption of cholesterol in general. It is no surprise then that the avocado is a Heart Foundation approved fruit to be enjoyed in moderation. The avocado is one of the only fruits to contain predominantly monounsaturated fats (oleic acid), and around 7% polyunsaturated fat (linoleic acid), making the fruit an ideal healthy eating choice.

*Comparison of the effects on lipoproteins and apolipoproteins of a diet high in monounsaturated fatty acids, enriched with avocado, and a high- carbohydrate diet. David Colquhoun, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

**Pieterse Z, Jerling, JC, Oosthuizen W, Kruger HS, Hanekom SM, Smuts CS, Schutte AE. Substitution of high monounsaturated fatty acid avocado for mixed dietary fats during an energy restricted diet: effects on weight loss, serum lipids, fibrinogen and vascular function. Nutrition, 2005; 21(1):67-75

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