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How to select your avocado


Hass avocados change colour as they ripen so choose an avocado based on its colour rather than squeezing as this causes bruising. Avoid extremely soft avocados with very dark skin or dented or flattened areas.

Purple Brown Avocado - Soft Ripe - Ready to EatBrown Green Avocado - Firm Ripe - Ready to Eat
Olive Green Avocado - Not Ripe - 2-3 Days from EatingBright Green Avocado - Not Ripe - 7 Days from Eating

The skin of a Reed avocado stays green when ripe. Reed avocados are ready to eat when the skin yields to gentle pressure but please only use this technique at home once you have purchased your avocado. You can test if Reed is ready to eat by gently pressing the stem on top of the fruit. If the stem moves, the Reed avocado is ready to eat. 

Reed avocado selection

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