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Healthy Food Guide

NZ Avocado is excited to be part of the Healthy Food Guide TV series featuring six amazing avocado recipes that everyone can enjoy! The series, which aired in May, features nutritionist Claire Turnbull and Chef Sam Campbell. Using the food we eat and how we eat it as the focus of the series, Healthy Food Guide also takes a holistic approach to our overall well-being and addresses topics related to stress, sleep, exercise and lifestyle.

55 mins 6 Difficult Sushi and Avocado Salad with Garlic Mayonnaise 20 mins 4 Moderate Mexican black beans with spicy avocado and grilled tortilla 10 mins 14 Easy Fruity avocado bliss balls 15 mins 4 Moderate Japanese sushi balls with kale and avocado salad 10 mins 1 Easy Red Velvet smoothie 50 mins 6 Difficult Beetroot, seeds and avocado quinoa salad 25 mins 4 Difficult Courgette and tomato frittatas with quinoa radish and avocado salad 45 mins 4 Difficult Vege-ful chilli with black bean spaghetti