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NZAGA Executive Committee and Board elections

At the 2016 NZAGA & AIC Annual General Meeting, the term of office will be complete for three of your NZAGA & AIC Grower Directors and four positions will be available for nomination of an NZAGA member - one for Far North, two for Mid North and one At Large.  We have had three nominees for the Mid-North positions and four nominees for the At Large position.  There will be an opportunity for NZAGA members to meet the candidates on the 26 July in Te Puke, 27 July in Whangarei and 28 July in Katikati. Click here for event details.  To find out more about each candidate, please see the resource listed below.

AIC Grower Export Registration for 2016-17 Season

All growers intending to export avocados in the current season must be registered with Avocado Industry Council (AIC) as set out in the industry Export Marketing Strategy (EMS).    You can complete this registration online at the NZ Avocado website. Please see instructions below.    Grower export registrations completed and paid by 15 August are $150 + GST. Registrations made after this date will be $300 + GST.   If you are unable to register for export online then please contact the NZ Avocado office if you need to register manually and we will arrange a paper registration form for you. Please be aware that a $30 + GST administration fee will be added to your export registration fee for a manual registration. In your internet browser window, type www.nzavocado.co.nz/industry into the website address bar and press ENTER on your key board. Login using the "Industry Member Sign-In” – your username will be your firstname.lastname and your password will be what your currently use to sign on to the industry website. Once signed in, click the Spray Diary and Industry Tools link at the top right of the screen. You will now be in the Industry Tools section of the New Zealand avocado website. In the list of login types, click Grower AvoTools. Select your 5-digit PPIN (e.g. P12345) that you wish to register for export. Click Open. Click the Grower Export Registration link. AvoGreen compliance - You must be AvoGreen compliant to be eligible to register for export.  You will be asked to verify this compliance (either you are an owner-operator or your orchard is monitored by an operator or by another owner-operator).  Click the two tick boxes at the bottom of the screen to verify your compliance then click Proceed to next step.  If you are not compliant, a message will show on screen asking you to contact us for assistance.     Terms & conditions – before registering you need to agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions, and to comply with the EMS and the Grower Responsibilities section of the AIC Quality Manual. The EMS and Terms and Conditions are available to view in this screen.  Click on the tick box at the bottom of the screen to accept then click Proceed to next step.   Your details - check that the details held on file for you or your company are correct and amend any incorrect details. Please ensure that your email address is up-to-date as it will be used to send your registration confirmation, yield estimate and intended packer choices.  Yield estimate – This section has automatically populated your yields from the previous season.  You must type in your crop estimate for export and local market for the current season, if you are unsure please check your packer agreement or talk to your packer.  Orchard hectares – This section has automatically populated your orchard hectares, please check this information and amend if it is incorrect.  If you are a new grower, please add this information - there are calculation instructions on the right hand side of the screen.  Intended packer choices - select your intended packer. If you select a packer, your registration will automatically be emailed to that packer once your registration is completed.  If you do not select a packer during registration then it is your responsibility to provide your later chosen packer(s) with a copy of your registration.    Payment– choose your payment method (credit card, direct credit or cheque). Your registration will not be confirmed and verified until AIC receives your payment in full.  Please note: If paying by direct credit please use your PPIN number as the reference. A credit card transaction will incur an additional 2.8% transaction fee.  If paying by cheque, please include your PPIN number on the back and post it to: Avocado Industry Council, PO Box 13267, Tauranga, 3141   Confirmation- Once details are checked and the payment has been received then you will be sent a confirmation email with an attached copy of your registration form (which acts as a tax receipt).  If you have any issues online registration, please call 0800 AVOCADO for assistance.

Updated tool-kit to help farmers improve health and safety

An updated tool-kit designed to help farmers better manage risks on their farms will be distributed at National Fieldays at Mystery Creek.  The tool-kit, which provides practical advice and resources to help farmers improve health and safety on their farms, has been developed by Safer Farms, ACC and WorkSafe New Zealand’s health and safety programme designed with farmers and the wider agricultural sector.  Beef Lamb New Zealand and Federated Farmers were among the groups which provided input to the tool-kit. Beef Lamb New Zealand, in addition to working with WorkSafe on the new tool-kit, is working with sheep and beef farmers to help them meet their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act. Beef Lamb New Zealand Chief Executive, Sam McIvor, says that by the end of June, the organisation will have run over 70 health and safety workshops for more than 2,100 attendees around the country. "There’s no question that as an industry we need to make sure we have good health and safety practices in place on our farms,” says Mr McIvor. "We’ve been working closely with WorkSafe and farmers to get these systems in place on sheep and beef farms. Tools, like those promoted on the WorkSafe website, give farmers good practical information to make their farms safe places to operate,” McIvor says. Al McCone, WorkSafe’s Agriculture Programme Manager says that while many farmers recognise that proactive planning is needed to make sure they can keep healthy and safe, they find it difficult to know where to start with changing their approach. He reassures farmers that this doesn’t need to be hard. The easy-to-use tool-kit concentrates on those things that make a difference on farm, which are also at the heart of the new Health and Safety at Work Act - involving everyone on farm, recognising health as well as injury risks, and working with other businesses to make sure overlapping risks are managed. "Fit and healthy people are a critical factor for successful farming. In 2013, around 20 per cent of agricultural workers made a farming-related injury claim to ACC, at a cost of over $26 million. Some of those injuries will keep costing for several years. Keeping everyone on your farm safe and healthy helps ensure a farm is productive and profitable. "The new tool-kit can help farmers keep safe and keep farming,” says Mr McCone. For a hard copy of the tool-kit, visit Worksafe at the Mystery Creek Field Days – site E64-F63, phone 0800 030 040, or go to www.saferfarms.org.nz We have some of the tool-kits available at our NZ Avocado office - growers are welcome to pop in and see us to pick up one. 

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Upcoming Events

NZAGA Elections meet the candidates meeting - Katikati

05:00 PM, 28 July 2016

Elections are now open for  voting. You will have received your voting papers. We invite  you to come along and meet your candidates to get to know them. Candidates standing for  Mid-North election:  Roger  Barber John Dawson Karen Pickford Candidates standing for  At-Large election: Jim Dunseath Linda Flegg  Brian Hunt Bruce Polley Click here to learn more about the candidates.Katikati, 5:00pm - 7:00pm, 28 July 2016 The Talisman Hotel/The Landing Restaurant & Bar, 7/9 Main Road,  Katikati Candidates  attending: Jim Dunseath, Linda  Flegg, Brian Hunt and Bruce Polley Drinks and nibbles provided. Registration  helps us with catering – please call 07 571 6147 or email jo.nunn@nzavocado.co.nz.

NZ Avocado Grower Forum

10:30 AM, 01 September 2016

Register  now for the NZ Avocado Grower Forum to be held at Club Mount Maunganui, 45 Kawaka Street, Mount Maunganui. Grower Forum: 10.30am - 4:00pm Updates on industry activity Workshops on your most pressing orchard management challenges Outlook for the 2016-17 season Lunch and refreshments included NZ Avocado members free of charge Registration for these events is essential for catering and space requirements. Please contact Jo  Nunn jo.nunn@nzavocado.co.nz or call 0800 286 2236. 

NZAGA and AIC Annual General Meeting

04:00 PM, 01 September 2016

Register now for the NZAGA & AIC Annual General Meeting to be held at Club Mount Maunganui, 45 Kawaka Street, Mount Maunganui. AGM: 4:00pm - 5:30pm 2015-16 year in review 2016-17 budget Voting on remits Afternoon tea and refreshments included Registration for these events is essential for catering and space requirements. Please contact Jo  Nunn jo.nunn@nzavocado.co.nz or call 0800 286 2236. 

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