Avolovers newsletter December 2023: Avo Merry Christmas

Hey Avocado Lover,

Avo Merry Christmas with New Zealand avocados!

It’s summer and Christmas is just around the corner -the perfect time to get creative with avocados. Incorporating avocados into your Christmas menu can add both nutritional value and a touch of creativity to your holiday celebrations.

Avocados are incredibly versatile and can be used in various dishes, from appetizers like guacamole to salads, mains, and even desserts. They can enhance the flavor and texture of many festive recipes. Given its vibrant green colour, avocado makes for the perfect ingredient to infuse into your Christmas celebrations.

Avocados are nutritious, delicious and locally grown in New Zealand, they make a fantastic addition to your Kiwi Christmas line-up.

Try a delicious, nutritious, and locally grown, New Zealand Avocado and show us your creations on our socials! @nz_avocado and Facebook

Avo Merry Christmas this festive season!

Avocado Christmas trees

A delightful and imaginative addition to your holiday party platter, guaranteed to bring a festive spirit. This recipe is simple and an excellent opportunity for kids to join in the fun.

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