Isolation doesn’t come naturally to humans; we are social by nature. The current lockdown period and ideals around social distancing means many New Zealanders are not being able to do what kiwis love most; a catch up with friends and family, gathering at other’s tables, and enjoying delicious and nutritious food together. This has left many feeling disconnected and craving for ways to re-connect to keep strong bonds alive.

The NZ Avocado team wanted to do something to help New Zealanders feel more connected, to inspire healthy living, and to allow people to get together to do something fun in a time that for so many, is challenging.

So we asked the question, what can we do to support kiwis? Food is a means of connection that nourishes, inspires and entertains us, giving us the energy we need for the challenges ahead so NZ Avocado have teamed up with the dinner party pop-up professionals, Kitchen Takeover, to unite your friends and family around your own virtual dining tables.

We may be social-distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay social, #avopartyanyway.

#Avopartyanyway is a virtual dinner experience that can be just as heart-warming and fun as before. So be the host, invite your friends, set up your video call, prep your place, get inspired by easy to follow, fun and healthy recipes, and enjoy yourselves, anytime, anywhere.