Celebrated Chef and Avocado Lover Nick Honeyman Honoured With Prestigious Michelin Star

Auckland, New Zealand – 

Renowned chef Nick Honeyman, co-owner of the esteemed Paris Butter restaurant in Auckland, has achieved a remarkable feat in the culinary world. His restaurant, Le Petit Léon, nestled in the idyllic South of France, has been awarded a coveted Michelin star, firmly establishing itself among the culinary elite.

Operated by Nick and Sina Honeyman, Le Petit Léon joins the ranks of only 52 restaurants in France to receive this prestigious accolade, a testament to the couple’s dedication and culinary prowess. The Michelin Guide commended the restaurant for its “masterfully intelligent” offerings, recognising Nick’s exceptional talent and innovative approach to cuisine.

Avocado enthusiasts in New Zealand may remember the celebrated chef from 2015 when he served as an ambassador for the “Best in NZ” series, highlighting the exceptional quality of New Zealand produce which included our amazing locally grown avocados. Nick visited an orchard in the BOP and marvelled not only at the taste and texture but also at the wonderful health benefits of avocados. This achievement underscores the significance, versatility, and quality of locally sourced ingredients, whether for creating extraordinary culinary experiences or nutritious and delicious home cooking.

In addition to his culinary endeavours, Nick Honeyman remains committed to fostering culinary excellence and promoting New Zealand’s vibrant food culture. His unwavering dedication and culinary innovation continue to inspire aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide.

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