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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I sometimes see such bad quality avocados in the supermarket?
This is because supermarkets need extensive education on the handling and storage of avocados. This is a difficult task as produce managers and staff seem to have a high turnover, so any training gets lost along the way after a few position changes. Avocados need to be handled very carefully - more carefully perhaps than any other fruit in the produce section and as such they do not always get the care they need because they get treated like the other more resilient fruits.

What are the brown stringy bits I sometimes see in the avocado flesh?
This is called Vascular Browning and the exact cause has not been pinpointed. Factors than can contribute are long cold storage times and/ or incorrect storage temperature. It can also occur where a stem end rot has developed.

How do I stop avocados going brown when I cut them open?
There are a number of ways to combat oxidisation on the freshly cut flesh of avocados: store in an air tight container or cover the flesh in lemon juices or wrap in glad wrap.