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Guacamole & dips

5 mins 6 Easy Best Guacamole Ever 5 mins 4 Easy Avocado and Spinach Dip This dip is a great addition at any gathering of any size - it's so simple to make, healthy and delicious! 5 mins 6 Easy Basil Guacamole Easy guacamole with a delicious twist 20 mins 10 Moderate Avocado Cream Dip This recipe is perfect for entertaining or as a savoury treat! We have filled the centre of cherry tomatoes in this recipe but it would make a tasty dip for crackers or chips too! 5 mins 6 Easy Man Guacamole Simple to make and a total crowd pleaser - you can't go wrong with this guacamole recipe! 10 mins 8 Easy Avocado Dip with Fresh Vegetable Sticks This tasty guacamole will welcome a tribe of guests and can be whipped up in a flash. 10 mins 8 Easy Classic Guacamole The original guacamole is a fresh salsa style dip and is usually gone within minutes of serving! Double the recipe for entertaining groups of friends. 10 mins 10 Easy Avocado Dip The chilli powder in this dip gives it that special 'kick', but the avocado makes it deliciously creamy! 45 mins 10 Moderate Zesty Guacamole with Mexican Chicken on Pita Crisps A simple crowd pleaser that is ideal for summer outdoor entertaining.