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25 mins 2 Moderate Huevos Rancheros Huevos Rancheros translates as “Rancher’s eggs”. It is a rural Mexican farm’s mid morning breakfast of fried eggs and salsa, traditionally served on corn or flour tortilla. Making huevos rancheros at home is super simple and speedy. First you make the tomato salsa, then pop the eggs in the sauce. The fresh salsa works a treat with the beautifully, runny-yolked eggs. Smashed avos, coriander and fresh lime completes this colourful and very satisfying dish. It is a great meal to serve at anytime of the day! 5 mins 6 Easy Basil Guacamole Easy guacamole with a delicious twist 10 mins 8 Easy Classic Guacamole The original guacamole is a fresh salsa style dip and is usually gone within minutes of serving! Double the recipe for entertaining groups of friends. 20 mins 4 Moderate Mexican black beans with spicy avocado and grilled tortilla 5 mins 6 Easy Man Guacamole Simple to make and a total crowd pleaser - you can't go wrong with this guacamole recipe! 25 mins 4 Easy Chicken Quesadillas with Tomato & Avocado The perfect week night dinner, these quesadillas are sure to please the whole family. 20 mins 2 Moderate Gazpacho with Guacamole Gazpacho is a cold tomato-based vegetable soup that is best enjoyed as a refreshing lunch during summer. mins 6 Avocado Stuffed with Salsa & Shrimp 45 mins 10 Moderate Zesty Guacamole with Mexican Chicken on Pita Crisps A simple crowd pleaser that is ideal for summer outdoor entertaining.